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Yamaha C2

The original instrument ist 1,72m long and I´m happy to have it at home :-)

Demo songs

Concert Grieg (.mp3)

Debussy (.mp3)

A german christmas song (.mp3)

Demo version for Native Instruments Kontakt (Version 2 or newer)

This demo version provides all keys and the whole dynamic range.
The following restrictions apply:
  • The sampling frequency was reduced to 22kHz.
  • The samples were cut off after one second.
Download Pianowave Yamaha DEMO for Kontakt-2 (.nki, 60MB)

Full version for Native Instruments Kontakt (Version 2 or newer)

  • Samples 44kHz, 16bit
  • 4 precise velocity layers
  • A sustain layer for the string resonances
  • Decent pedal sounds when you press or release the sustain pedal
  • )
  • Release samples of the damped keys
Experience shows that there are very few situations where you need to hold a key longer than ten seconds.
Therefore all keys have been recorded up to ten seconds. After that time, the samples continue as loops and continue to decay.