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The german magazine PC-und-Musik has tested Pianowave:

Zeitschrift PC-und-Musik

"The dynamic transitions are always fluent and very naturally across the whole dynamic range. Well-balacned release samples authentically terminate the sound of all damped keys. Even at fast staccati the piano stays clearly defined."
"The sustain samples (which contain the resonances of all non-struck strings), are blended in even if you press the sustain pedal after playing the notes. Two decent samples with the pedal noises begin and end the resonances of the free strings. This careful edition gives Pianowave an authenticity that is unparalleled in its price range."
"Pianowave captures by its very versatile, non-pretending sound that is ´normal´ in the best sense of the word: The Multi-Sample just sounds as you always thought how a grand piano should sound. This makes Pianowave an attractive choice for all musical styles."