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Please note that you need the sampling program Kontakt (version 2 or newer) from Native-Instruments to use the Pianowave samples.
(avaliable at www.native-instruments.de)

If you have a fast internet connection, you can order the Pianowave instruments for 79€ at www.SoundsOnDemand.com and download them as a ZIP-Archive).

Within the European Union, I also send the Pianowave instruments on DVD for 79€ with the German Post Service, just send me an e-mail to arrange the order:

Please mention the following in your e-mail:
  • your desired shipping address
  • the model (Boesendorfer, Steinway, or Kawai)
  • your preferred method of payment
You can pay for the DVD using PayPal or by making a money transfer, in that case I will send you my account data.

After the payment, the DVD is shipped with the German Post Service.

The DVD is sealed in its case. Please notice that returning the DVD is only possible with the original seal.

License agreement:

By buying Pianowave, you get the license to use Pianowave for private or commercial playing and recording. You do not obtain ownership of the samples. Re-selling the samples is not allowed.