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The "Kalamkarian" Bechstein

Here you can see, hear, and play the grandpiano recorded by Roman Beilharz und Stefan Kortner!

We have recorded Roman´s impressing Bechstein grandpiano from the year 1892.
We made exactly the effort that makes sense. Not more, not less.
It is not important to record dozens of velocity layers.
Five precise layers are enough, and better.
We recorded them using the same electromechanical device that already the other Pianowave instruments owe their exellect playability to.

Demo-Songs (.mp3)

A song

Demo-Version for Native Instruments Kontakt (version 2 or newer)

This Demo-Version is playable in the full dynamic and chromatic range.
So you can get familiar with the most important aspects of such a software instrument:
The sound AND the playability!
The only limitation is that all samples except the middle octave and all Cs fade out after one second.

Download Kalamkarian Bechstein DEMO für Kontakt-2 (.zip, 313 MB)

Full version for Native Instruments Kontakt (version 2 or newer)

  • Chromatically sampled
  • Sampling frequency 44kHz
  • 24bit, except hammer sounds and the two softest layers in 16bit
  • 5 precise velocity layers with perfect fitting
  • Sustain layer for the pedal resonances
  • Decent alternating pedal noises
  • Release samples for the damped strings

Experience shows that there are very few situations where you need to hold a key longer than ten seconds.
Therefore all keys have been recorded up to ten seconds. After that time, the samples continue as loops and continue to decay.
The full version fits into 1GB which also shortens the loading time.